Membership Fees & Privileges


  • Single Adult -$650.00
  • Single Adult Little Falls resident -$620.00
  • Husband/Wife -$950.00
  • Husband/Wife Little Falls resident -$900.00
  • Senior (60 years old or older) -$600.00
  • Senior Little Falls resident -$575.00
  • Family (2 adults plus dependent 18 and under) -$1,100.00
  • Family Little Falls resident -$1050.00
  • additional dependent with family -$55.00
  • College (over 18 but under 24) -$330.00
  • College (over 18 but under 24) Little Falls resident -$315.00
  • College (with H/W or Single) $275.00
  • Junior (under 18) -$200.00
  • Junior (under 18) Little Falls resident – $190.00
  • Junior (with H/W or Single) $175.00
  • CANADIAN CUP ONLY -$330.00

The above prices DO NOT include sales tax.

The city administrator and golf course managers goals in setting membership and green fees are:

  1. Provide a golf course that is economically run. This allows fees to be kept reasonable and insures maximum participation of the golfers in the community.
  2. Provide enough income to develop long term financial plans that will enable the golf course to reach its full potential in the future.

The city administrator and golf course manager have done many surveys of the other municipally owned golf courses in the region and have tracked and evaluated usage data of the golf course in developing the fee structure used at the Little Falls Golf Course to ensure value to our members and guests while still providing improvements to the course and facilities.

Types of memberships and their privileges:

Single Adult, married couple, family and senior:
Full playing privileges on all open golf days.

**College Students (Ages 18 and under 24)
Allows persons 18 and older who are or will be full-time students to enjoy full playing privileges on open golf days.**

Junior (For persons under 18)
Must be teed off before 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday.
Are expected to understand and adhere to proper golf etiquette and pace of play

All persons are invited to join the golf course and will be considered members upon full payment of dues. Members shall abide by all rules and regulations. Those who do not may have their playing privileges revoked.

Membership dues are due in full when the golf course opens. Anyone who has not paid his/her dues in full will be required to pay green fees at regular rates until their membership fee is paid in full. Any green fees paid cannot be used as a credit toward membership dues.

All memberships shall be good for the season in which they are issued.

The city administrator and golf course manager will review on a case by case basis any refund in the case of illness or death.

Half-year memberships will be available after the 1st of July.