Event Accommodation

The clubhouse is available weekends for weddings, banquets and other special events. Seating will accommodate up to 100 people and full catering is available. We can also host larger outdoor events that will accommodate large groups of people. The pictures below will give you an idea of what we are capable of. Please contact us for more information.



Every effort is made to keep as many days free for open golf as possible.  However, the City Little Falls Country Club does sponsor tournaments throughout the year, and during such events, the course may be closed.

Every effort will be made to reduce the amount of time the course is closed.  Again, this is determined by the size of the tournament and its format.  All members and non-members are welcome to enter the tournaments held at the City of Little Falls Country Club.  We appreciate your patience.  Tournaments are a wonderful way to showcase our beautiful golf course.

For those looking to have a tournament, our staff will be happy to work with you to plan a successful event that can maximize the fundraising and enjoyment of your group.

Please refer to our Events and Tournaments Calendar for more information on events or course closings.