City of Little Falls Golf Course Policies

This Golf Club is operated for the enjoyment of the citizens of Little Falls, and visiting guests.

Constructive ideas should be brought to the attention of the golf course manager so they may be taken under consideration.

We request your cooperation by observing membership rules, golf etiquette and all general rules. Treat your fellow golfers with respect, remember golf is a sport of integrity, and most importantly have fun!!


No outside beer or alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the golf course premises.

Persons must have their own set of clubs.

A fivesome is a privilege – not a right – please check with Pro Shop personnel.

All golfers playing 18 holes must start on #1. Persons playing 9 holes who wish to start off the back nine may do so only with permission of the starter or Pro Shop personnel.

Dogs and pets are not allowed on the golf course.

Golf ball hunting and selling is not allowed.

No practicing on greens or fairways. We have a driving range and practice greens for that purpose.

All golfers must sign up in the Pro Shop or check with starter before teeing off.

Shirts are required at all times.

Holes must be played in order, no jumping around.

Golfers found in violation of any of the policies will be given a verbal warning on their first offense. The offense will be noted and reviewed by Management. A second violation of any policy will result in a written warning from the management. The third violation will terminate and forfeit membership to the league and all golf play for the remainder of the season at the Little Falls Country Club.


  1. Out of Bounds: (Road on #3, 8, 9, 13, 16; Fence on #5, 6, 13,16) Stroke and distance penalty, you must return to the place of the original shot and hit again.
  2. Direct Water Hazard: (Ponds on #16) there are three options. 1.) If the ball is playable, play it without penalty; 2.) If the ball is not playable imagine a line running from the hole to the point where the ball last crossed the margin of hazard. You can drop on an extension of that line for a penalty of one stroke; 3.) The third option is stroke and distance. You may not drop along the line of the ball’s flight.
  3. Lateral Water Hazard: (River on #17 & 18) There are four options, the first three are the same as for the direct water hazard. 4.) You may drop two clubs lengths from point of entry no nearer the hole, with a one stroke penalty.
  4. Rough: Rough shall be all areas that are not maintained as fairways, tees, greens, or aprons and the ball must be played as found without stepping down on grass, breaking brush, branches, etc. around the ball area to improve the condition of the area.
  5. Lost Ball: Stroke and distance penalty. You must return to the place of the original shot and hit again. You can declare a ball lost as soon as you wish, and you must do so after 5 minutes.
  6. Unplayable Lie: One stroke penalty. You may declare a ball unplayable anywhere on the course. Here are your options.: 1.) Go back to the spot of the original shot and hit again; 2.) Drop two club lengths on either side of the obstruction; 3.) Go back as far as you want, but don’t improve your line of flight. 4.) If you declare an unplayable lie in a hazard you must drop in the hazard.
  7. Obstructions: An “obstruction” is anything artificial except: A.) Objects defining out of bounds, such as walls, fences, stakes, railings, example .. fence on 3; B.) Any part of an immovable artificial object that is out of bounds; C.) Any construction declared to be an integral part of the course. No relief is given from these. A player may obtain relief from a movable obstruction by moving the obstruction if the ball does not lie in or on the obstruction, if the ball moves it is replace without penalty.